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How to treat drywall

October 6, 2007

This small article covers what you need to know about painting new drywall. First things first, our goal is to get the best finish results with an eggshell paint. Generally flat finish paints do not require much of any new drywall surface prep.

In order to achieve the best results with the level of sheen we are going to apply a drywall sealer. The sealer as opposed to primer will in fact absorb or penetrate the porous surface of the drywall and seal down the surface like no primer can.

The photo on the left is the result of Gardz applied to new drywall with one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell paint. This photo was taken 2 hours after the wall was painted. The wall paint is almost every bit as wet when I rolled it. Another benefit to using Gardz is your finish paint sticks better. Because Gardz absorbs into the surface of the drywall, you get the best stick or adhesion in comparison to using wall primers which typically dry on the surface of the paper.
The photo on the left is without the Gardz treatment. Notice the dry patchy area where the drywall mud can be seen through one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell paint. Click any photo to view larger detail.
This photo on the left captures a better perspective as to the lack of a drywall sealer. You would think a wall primer would allow you to achieve a uniform paint finish but that is generally not the case with primers.

I can see one of my readers going to Home Depot and asking for a drywall Sealer. The HD associates would be like, "What? No you want a primer… who told you that you need a sealer? – that’s silly".

UPDATED: Gardz applied to new drywall will turn the drywall a darker grey. You should be aware that some paint colors will not cover the same over a dark grey such as pastel colors.


About Wall Primers II

October 6, 2007

Two years in the making. There are probably not many painters that can talk about wall primers like I can. My current issue with trying to get a nice eggshell finish over new drywall has put me on a path of learning everything there is to know about the capabilities of primers and there are more issues with using a primer vs. not.

What are wall primers capable of? Nothing if you ask me unless you apply primer with an airless about 20 mil thick, then maybe you might have something but not always. Remember, I am talking about primer on new drywall. Primers are typically no different than another coat of paint and in most cases I’ve seen, paint provides a better bond to new board over primers. WOW! That sort of changes everything you’ve been told about always use a primer huh? Well, that’s no bull shit!

Of the 12 primers I have now spent countless hours with over the past two years testing, there’s only one I feel gives the best results for paints where sheen is important. ICI Gripper does not dry flat and its absorption in to new drywall is minimal.

Primers are often said to be a miracle product. Paint reps tend to think of primer as a foundation to a successful paint finish. Yeah well, let me tell you – that is a bunch of BS! Paint reps tell you they provide a better bond, they minimize porosity in drywall etc. A paint rep once told me that primer will stop nailpops. Holy smokes that is amazing!

Do you know what wall primer in fact does? Primer wastes your time and your money AND some primers will even add more work to your project or even worst, cause unforeseen new problems. For example, loss of sheen. Did you know that of all 12 primers, only ICI Gripper maintained sheen level. Other primers require 3 top coats to achieve full sheen. Most primers will suck up sheen like crazy even the ones that advertise "HOLDS GLOSS"… my ass it holds gloss. Seriously, who is testing these products?

I got banned from an online paint message board (idiots)before I could answer back on this topic. Apparently there are some painters who feel threatened when you come to the table with information they never heard of or information that sounds absurd. I understand, I do, just remember – until you go through what I went through product testing 12 primers over two years, I would suggest you take my word for it.

Some of my worst issues with painting in my 30 years experience have been due to failure of primer but not only with drywall. I am uncertain if the primer itself is failing or the primer is failing to do what it’s advertised to do. I don’t care really either way. The bottom line is, wall primer is useless.
Some of my readers may be aware of the tread on a certain message board. The answer is this: The paint I talked about ICI 1410 sticks better to new drywall and taped drywall joints than any of the 12 primers I tested. You can apply a piece of masking tape to new drywall primed with your favorite primer and pull the tape and primer and paint off the wall. And please save me the "you didn’t prep it right" BS.

Coming soon – How to treat or not treat new drywall

ICI Dulux Velvet Sheen

August 31, 2007

Here is ICI’s Dulux Velvet Sheen. This product is sold as a flat but has a slight sheen. In comparison, this product is not as flat as the ICI Ultra Hide Flat and not as shiny as ICI 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell. This is a vinyl acrylic that goes on nice and practically spatterless. If it’s spattering, I can’t see it. Velvet Sheen cuts nice, rolls nice and covers great with minimal burnishing on darker colors.

As with most product, they recommend a primer but we do 2 coats over new drywall with no issues. Until someone proves to me the effectiveness of wall primers, I will not use them. And yes, you can pull wall primer away from tape joints too. If you want to ensure stick to tape joints, use a drywall clear sealer on new board. Do this if you plan on applying masking tape to the walls to get the best stick. Velvet Sheen is one of those few products that do what you need it to without issues. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something as close to flat as possible with the ability to clean it. BUT! if you ask me, I think the Glidden Evermore Super Washable Flat is better.

How to apply Velvet Sheen: This is not a flat paint, treat this paint as if you are rolling eggshells. I prefer a 1/2" or 3/8" soft woven Wooster Prodoo z cover.

See also: Rolling Eggshell

Busy Summer

August 4, 2007

It’s been some time since I posted last and hope to catch up soon. There are a few brushes I plan to post reviews on. ICI Dulux has a new Xpert line which does not look very promising at all. Purdy made over the Pro Extra calling it the Monarch – not much to say about that. But, I have some good and bad news on brushes.

First the bad news. I retired my Benjamin Moore brushes, (yep) both of them. The 65125 did make my job easier and my work flow substantially more efficient for many years.

The good news is I found an incredible replacement brush which takes precision and efficiency to levels never thought possible, no joke! A brush that sets the bar so high it makes the 65125 look like a DIY brush.

ICI 1410 on Green Board

April 21, 2007

Seeing is believing, that’s what I like. I only wish when I set out to try new products there was a place to go to see the product in use on real jobs so I can have some sort of confidence in buying products.

The advice and comments from the paint stores only goes so far. How many times have you heard a rep say “the guys love it, we sell tons of it”, then you try the product with disappointment or greater expectations.

I plan to re-post my large collection of simple tests and some not so simple. Every bit helps the next guy.

About the Photos
Straight forward, this is one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 low-sheen eggshell directly applied to bare drywall with an 18” rig to reflect coverage on standard gray drywall and green board. This product is the only one I know of using light off-whites (mixed to Benjamin Moore Linen White) that will actually cover up the green board nicely in one coat without back rolling. I left the photos fairly large for a better view, click to enlarge.

Spraying Trim & Doors

April 20, 2007

We receive many compliments on our woodwork and doors. Here is how we do it. We use a Titan 440i airless sprayer set at no more than 1800 psi utilizing a FF210, FF211 and FF311 (FF -Fine Finish) Tip producing automotive-like finishes without the high-gloss.

All proper steps are performed to make sure the trim and doors are fully prepped for finish. We apply ICI Dulux 1407 semi-gloss twice mixed in a iridescent-like white for that beautiful reflective finish. The compliments alone say that this combination of finish paint, color and how its applied is a huge hit for the homeowners.

Iridescent White Trim

April 18, 2007

Are you looking for a white that covers well without looking too brilliant, gray or too blue? Do you want that professional iridescent look? Look no further, we tweaked this formula to accommodate the new 2007 ICI Master Pallet. This custom white mixed in 1407 semi-gloss is an excellent combination. The white produces a nice subtle iridescent effect once you achieve full sheen. The draw down on the left appears to look a bit creamy in the photo but looks white on the trim. It’s very difficult to capture the effect with a camera. The formula is for 5 gallons, break it down for singles. See photo of the New Dirty White in comparison to the whites from Sherwin Williams.

ICI Dulux 2007 Colors

April 17, 2007

The 2007 ICI Dulux Master Pallet is out in the wild offering a bolder deeper pallet than the previous deck. The new pallet offers 2,016 colors. Pick it up, BE BOLD!