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How to treat drywall

October 6, 2007

This small article covers what you need to know about painting new drywall. First things first, our goal is to get the best finish results with an eggshell paint. Generally flat finish paints do not require much of any new drywall surface prep.

In order to achieve the best results with the level of sheen we are going to apply a drywall sealer. The sealer as opposed to primer will in fact absorb or penetrate the porous surface of the drywall and seal down the surface like no primer can.

The photo on the left is the result of Gardz applied to new drywall with one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell paint. This photo was taken 2 hours after the wall was painted. The wall paint is almost every bit as wet when I rolled it. Another benefit to using Gardz is your finish paint sticks better. Because Gardz absorbs into the surface of the drywall, you get the best stick or adhesion in comparison to using wall primers which typically dry on the surface of the paper.
The photo on the left is without the Gardz treatment. Notice the dry patchy area where the drywall mud can be seen through one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell paint. Click any photo to view larger detail.
This photo on the left captures a better perspective as to the lack of a drywall sealer. You would think a wall primer would allow you to achieve a uniform paint finish but that is generally not the case with primers.

I can see one of my readers going to Home Depot and asking for a drywall Sealer. The HD associates would be like, "What? No you want a primer… who told you that you need a sealer? – that’s silly".

UPDATED: Gardz applied to new drywall will turn the drywall a darker grey. You should be aware that some paint colors will not cover the same over a dark grey such as pastel colors.


Archive Posts

May 5, 2007

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Iridescent White Trim

April 18, 2007

Are you looking for a white that covers well without looking too brilliant, gray or too blue? Do you want that professional iridescent look? Look no further, we tweaked this formula to accommodate the new 2007 ICI Master Pallet. This custom white mixed in 1407 semi-gloss is an excellent combination. The white produces a nice subtle iridescent effect once you achieve full sheen. The draw down on the left appears to look a bit creamy in the photo but looks white on the trim. It’s very difficult to capture the effect with a camera. The formula is for 5 gallons, break it down for singles. See photo of the New Dirty White in comparison to the whites from Sherwin Williams.

Rolling Duration Home

April 18, 2007

The buzz going around is Sherwin Williams Duration Home is difficult to achieve a uniform appearance and touch up. Here are a few tips for rolling Duration Home. I found that a Wooster Pro doo-z 3/8” cover works best, funny though, Sherwin Williams does not sell them. Initially I had trouble achieving uniform results until I tested the product with various roller covers. Always cut first and roll last. Starting in a corner, work an area comfortable with you and start your next area. I generally work a 3’x how ever tall the wall is, area. After I complete my second 3’x? area, I go back to the first area and roll without reloading, somewhat of back-rolling, but my goal here is to make light passes from the ceiling to the base, always with the last stroke down.

Generally, back-rolling takes place after the paint had more time to dry. In this case, the paint is still very wet, no more than one minute from when I first rolled it.

Touching up Duration can be difficult with some colors but most paints tend to have a few colors that do not touch up well and Duration is no exception. Professional contractors know this and it’s their finesse that gets the job done right. Duration Home suggests thinning with water a little for touchups. I’ve found that if you use the same roller cover that you initially rolled with, your touchups should go well. It’s important to roll the area the same way it was first rolled, last stroke down.

Some guys touchup with a brush and expect it to match and some will roll touchups with a small weenie roller and expect that too work. Touchup the way you rolled it in the first place and you should be fine.

About the photo: The photo shows Duration Home rolled over bare drywall. The color variations are simply the paint drying. We experienced no problems rolling Duration over bare drywall. In fact, I honestly believe based on my tests with wall primers and Duration, which Duration penetrates the paper surface of drywall far better than any wall primer I’ve seen. It sticks! Any paint contractor reading this knows that a 20′ wall like shown in the photo is not easy to get a nice uniform sheen on. We experienced no problems whatsoever without primer.

See also: Rolling Eggshell Paints because Duration Matte is NOT FLAT.

Recent Project S/L 17

April 18, 2007

Here are a few photos from a recent completed project. The photos were shot with a 10mm fisheye lens. The walls were painted ICI Dulux 1410, a low sheen eggshel and the trim is ICI Dulux 1407 semi-gloss.

The trim color is not white, we use a custom color mix. The trim appears white to the eye but its a gray dirty white in comparison. No wall primer was used.

ICI Dulux 2007 Colors

April 17, 2007

The 2007 ICI Dulux Master Pallet is out in the wild offering a bolder deeper pallet than the previous deck. The new pallet offers 2,016 colors. Pick it up, BE BOLD!



Stick to metal

April 14, 2007

In the residential repaint market we often see chipped paint on metal surfaces such as metal door hinges, cabinet hardware etc. If it’s not chipped paint its rust spots coming through the paint. A simple fix is a can of bonding primer sprayed to the metal then finished with your choice of acrylic paint. A common problem in the new home market is peeling paint on bi-fold door hinges. Often contractors will paint doors with an airless sprayer and go directly over the hinge with latex paint. The paint often chips away the moment the doors are re-hung. A quick light coat of a bonding primer will keep the paint on the hinge.

Not on this blog

April 9, 2007

Compiled below is an ongoing list of the topics of discussion you will not find here. For help with topics not provided here, I highly recommend Karl Crowder’s site, House-Painting-Info. Karl’s site covers all aspects of painting. I admire and have a great respect for the work Karl put into his seemingly endless site of SOLID helpful information.

How to roll out of a bucket
How to use dropcloths
How to measure a room for paint
How to use paint pads
How to choose a color
How to choose the right paint
How to use a paint shield
How to move furniture
What color do I paint my ceiling
Which paint finish works where
What is the difference between oil & water-based
How does color affect the room
How do I prepare for paint
What is caulk

Brushes Closeup

April 8, 2007

If you plan on taping-off before you paint then you can use any brush on the market and the following information is meaningless. The following example is for those of us who cut-in freehand without masking tape.

Let’s take a close up look at two synthetic brushes; both are made of a nylon/polyester blend. The first photo below is of a Sherwin Williams (SW) brush, the second is a Benjamin Moore (BM) brush.

Let me briefly explain filaments or (bristles) most of us call them. Filaments come is various lengths and thicknesses, and can be tapered similar to a toothpick. Some brushes have all one length and others like the BM brush have several different filament lengths. The ends (white tips) are “tipped” and “flagged” to give the paint a final feather-like
soft stroke finish.

Notice the following: Click each photo below to view a larger image.
The bulkiness of the SW in comparison to the BM.
The poor tipping and flagging on the SW brush vs. BM brush.
The super sharpness of the BM vs. SW
The BM brush appears to have needle-like filaments vs. SW
The SW brush looks like a caterpillar on the end of
I’m not positive but I do not think the BM is flagged at all.

A quality brush will have good abrasion resistance, the thicker the filament, the faster it will wear. Also important is bend recovery, the ability for a brush to return back to its normal state.
Now you know what to look for in a brush and at the moment, the BM brush shown is the sharpest brush on the market known to me.

Click photo to view Benjamin Moore’s various filament
The following photos are:
Benjamin Moore 65125
Purdy Nylox-Glide
Purdy Pro-Extra Glide
Purdy XL-Glide

Where do you shop?

April 8, 2007

We are often asked where we buy our paints and materials. You might not think that question could be answered easily with the enormous amount of product and sundries on the market. There are hundreds of paints and thousands of sundries to pick from. Our list is small.

We currently use two ICI Dulux Paint products and one from Benjamin Moore.
Brushes – Benjamin Moore 65125 and 65330
Roller Covers- Wooster SuperFabs and Pro doo-Z
Caulk- DAP 35-Year Alex Plus Siliconized Acrylic
Primer- Zinsser High hide Cover-Stain and Zinsser Bulls Eye High Hide Odorless primer
Putty- Color Putty Brand Oil-based
Patch- DAP DryDex (now available in square tub) and DAP CrackShot
Caulk Gun- Dripless Industrial SI300 with a 14:1 ratio
Sanding Pads – Glit