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Painting walls Red

January 16, 2009

ICI Color Pallet

Painting walls red is the most difficult range of color to get nice solid coverage.

Here are a few painting tips on how to get the best solid coverage when painting shades of red.

First, the quality of paint has little to do with coverage when it comes to painting red. The term ‘quality’ and ‘professional’ are two loosely used words in this industry. It would be foolish of me to tell you to go out and buy a quality paint because what defines quality?

Do you think you are going to pick up two gallons of paint at the paint store and compare labels and make a decision? No, you most likely wont and good luck having the store representative tell you why a particular paint is better than another.

Second, we want to take a look at the paint chip and determine if your particular color requires a tinted primer to be applied to the walls first. Often a shade of gray primer is required under many shades of red.

SW 6869 StopOn a Sherwin Williams paint deck or color pallet, the color chip will have a P printed  above the color number. The P indicates optimum color results are achieved using the designated Color-Prime system.


ICI Crimson RedOn an ICI Paints Color Pallet its not as easy to quickly determine if a gray primer is required. The ICI Color Pallet has each color broken down into 3 parts. The first portion is the HUE, for example looking at the color Crimson Red #31YR 10/591, the HUE is 31YR, the Light Reflective Value (LRV) is 10 and the last portion is Chroma, 591.

Hue: The color family

LRV: The lightness or darkness of the color. The higher the number the lighter the color.

Chroma: The intensity of a color. The higher the number, the more intense the color.

Here is a fair rule-of-thumb. A gray primer is likely recommended for any Chroma value over 450. An ICI Store representative can assist you with the shade of gray to use.

This is what you need

You want to use a quality white woven roller cover, not any yellow or green colored covers – generally speaking. Do not be afraid to spend $5 for a single cover. This is not an area to skimp on. White woven roller covers are white in color and are more tightly woven providing a smoother more solid finish. White woven covers generally shed the least if any at all so you should avoid getting fuzzies in the paint.

Use a 3/8” roller cover for smooth walls and a 1/2” cover for slightly textured surfaces.

DO NOT use Lambs wool roller covers for intense wall colors.

This is how I recommend painting red colors.

When you are ready to paint, do not cut or trim anything in first. Simply pull out a roller pan, fill it with red paint and start rolling as tightly as you can to everything. If you use masking tape, then you should roll very close to everything. You  may even want to roll horizontally near the ceiling to get closer. Allow the first rolled coat to dry before you cut or trim it in.

Now that your first coat of red is dry, you can start cutting-in the areas you were not able to get with a roller. Allow to dry.

For your second coat, you want to cut-in first and allow it to dry before you roll the second coat.

If your red requires a third coat (likely) then again, wait until the walls are dry, and start painting the edges first and then roll.

Some paints will allow you to backroll and others will not. Back rolling is best described by rolling an area and before you get too far down the wall, you go back to where you started and lightly re-roll that area without adding more paint to the wall. The trick is to allow the paint to set-up a bit and then lightly pass the roller cover over it again.

To determine if your paint will allow you to do this, simply roll a small area behind a door and wait a few minutes and then lightly re-roll it. If the area looks worst than before you backrolled, then your paint is best left rolled and left to dry. Meaning, don’t go back over it until its dry.

More painting tips & techniques on my other site.


Glidden Super Washable Flat

November 8, 2008

This paint is some kind of freak accident.

IMG_0732a - Copy

The people at ICI Paints must really identify with a need to wash flat paint, because they’ve invented a product that enables you to wipe virtually anything off the walls you can throw on them.

I first wrote about Glidden EVERMORE Super Washable Flat in August of 2007 and have been using it on a regular basis.

This paint impresses me is many ways. First, its flat and you can wash it. It fit into a need for a flat paint that was more durable than any other flat I’ve used in the 25+ years of painting. I splashed a deep red mahogany ‘penetrating wood stain’ on the wall and wiped it off with thinner, this is a flat paint, I should not be able to do that. The walls were new drywall with only 2 coats of this paint on them.

Another very impressive characteristic is how incredibly difficult it was to chip-off dried paint from the roller frames plastic end caps. Normally with a flat paint you can pick-off dried flat wall paint off plastic with your fingernail. I had to use a 5-in-1 and I struggled to remove the dried paint. No joke!

In addition to washing it and its armor-like finish, the paint spreads silky smooth with a brush and rolls like a dream. Simply amazing paint for a $23 price tag. The finish isn’t dead flat but has a very low sheen and covers very well. Very nice appearance and a pleasure to spread.

How paint increases humidity

November 7, 2008


This is just an FYI piece.

The project was to paint one 12×12 room with one coat of paint. I took a humidity reading prior to starting and again when finished. The humidity in the room before I started was 44% so as you can see just how much humidity painting one room with the door open can increase. In just 7 minutes of rolling the walls, the humidity jumped 14%.

Avoid painting 4-5 coats

October 21, 2008

IMG_0545 - Copy

A common issue with homeowners and even some paint contractors is getting stuck in the recoat ‘money pit’ cycle where you paint a room 4-5 times to achieve full color and coverage. Not only can that be a huge expense but it can ruin your day or tie up your weekend. If you are a paint contractor, this can jack up your schedule! and unless you told the homeowner a price per coat with no guarantees then you can lose your ass on a job like this.

Here are a few things you should know about how to avoid the recoat cycle. First things first, lets take a look at the yellow-gold (above photo) on the left. That is a color that would require 4-5 coats to achieve full solid coverage. Many paint manufactures are recommending a gray primer base coat for deep or bold yellow, red, blues, and greens. The only time I see a gray primer being most effective is under red, blue and green. As far as yellow goes, the gray works against you. In this scenario I have a medium gray color room to start with and I need to paint it the yellow-gold color above, ‘Valspar Swelter’.

IMG_0508bThe photo on the left is a good example of what happens when you use gray primer under yellow top coat. For this job I am using Zinsser Bullseye Primer tinted the color on the right above. Notice the gray showing through the yellow primer. Also notice in the center of the wall there is a second pass with the roller which dried more solid. If you were to prime like you see in the photo and apply your finish paint now, the paint will dry exactly as you see it in the photo except it will be the color you picked. You will still see that gray area through your finish and this is where some people get caught top coating over and over trying to cover it up.

What you need to do in this scenario is recoat the room with primer (2 coats of primer). The primer for this job was $12 vs. the top coat paint at $26. The primer coat needs to look as if its finished, nice and solid. Primer over primer dries faster than finish over primer so you will be saving time here by doing 2 coats of primer and one finish. Once the primer coat is solid, the finish paint will be too.


Here is one coat of the final color over 2 coats of primer. Total job material cost was $38 vs. $78 if you were to 3 coat it with finish paint or $130 if this job took you 5 coats. Not only that savings but I would prefer to paint a room 3 times vs. 4 or 5 times.

Final Time Saving TIP: When you first start applying your primer coat and notice immediately that the primer will not cover nice and solid, then blow through that first coat of primer and apply it fairly fast and thin. Let it dry and re-roll it and make your cut solid and do it once.

Take a look at Painting Walls Red too for more useful information on intense colors.

Duration Home

October 22, 2007

What is this, a circus act?

Outrageous claims are common place in the paint industry. Lifetime Guarantee, Excellent Brushability, One Coat Coverage, Blocks Tannin Bleed… ring a bell? The products shout “step right up” you fools we’ve got the next best thing! Some manufacturers put anything on a label to get you to buy their product but do the products deliver?

Let’s take a closer look at Duration Home from Sherwin Williams.

This review is older and products do change from time-to-time. Most of us have seen the large Duration Home display in the store or perhaps heard about Duration Home on the radio or saw it on TV.

In the store you’ll find a sample board with the left side coated with Duration Home and the right side with an unknown flat wall paint. One important factor to point out is the sample board is a piece of Masonite which is hard on the surface and when primed properly, very non absorbent. The second thing to point out is the water based markers they allow you to draw with and wipe off the samples. The third item to point out is the type of sponge sitting on the display they want you to use to wipe the marker off with a light spray of water, also provided in the display. The sponge is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The forth and most important is the color of the sample board, it’s none other than white the same color as the sponge nonetheless.

Well while many people are fooled by this little gimmick, we were not. It did however remind of us the vacuum cleaner commercial where they suck up a bowling ball using a toilet plunger mounted to the end of the vac hose. Duration Home is a lot like that commercial. We can’t argue at all that Duration Home is a nice product.

We are assuming you tried wiping the marker off the display board and maybe you were impressed but did you know, you can take that same marker applied to almost any flat white paint (except) the flat wall paint they put on that sample board, and wipe the mark clean.

We suspect they used white as the sample board color (as did Behr) and a white sponge because they don’t want you to see the paint it’s removing. Try this little test next time you spread a color in Duration other than white, take a marker and make a mark on the paint then take a damp Magic Eraser sponge and wipe it off, now take a look at your sponge, same color as the wall we suspect. Be sure you give the paint time to cure, we gave ours 60 days.

We went crazy with a black permanent Sharpie making marks on the walls all through our house. We are painters, I don’t think any two rooms have the same product on them. We were able to remove all our marks with the Magic Eraser and surprisingly we found the builder grade eggshell paint we used on our kitchen walls wiped off the easiest. Sure its eggshell paint and should clean nicer then a flat paint but that was cheap $11 paint and one of the lowest sheen levels we’ve seen in an eggshell even less of a sheen than Duration Home Satin. Get my point here?

Now don’t get me wrong we like Duration Home but we like it because it applies nice, saves us time and resists burnishing on the matte finish. No flat wall paint we know of resists smearing your finger across it but Duration Home. ICI’s Dulux Velvet Sheen is almost the same sheen as Duration Home Matte and will not burnish either for half the price. If you ever had a chance to spread ceramics, you will find Duration Home applies much the same. Duration Home is a styrene acrylic and does have a nice feel to it when dry. Just be cautious how you sell Duration Home to your customers. The miracle here is the sponge. Some guys sell this stuff off like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, we just think its pretty decent and we are excited to spread it any chance we get.

Now if Sherwin Williams would work on quality control they will have a nice product to boast about. We spread 25 gallons the other day in matte finish and our paint was very inconsistent. We had 2 colors some mixed in 5’s the rest singles. Some of our singles were full to the rim, others were below the pour spout. One color when boxed was thick to spread, the other was thin and smooth like a ceramic. Needless to say, the full singles did not mix well on the shaker so we had tint issues too. It’s a great product if they could only get their QC together but is it worth the price? No!

See also: Rolling Duration Home

Behr Premium Flat

October 11, 2007

This is a video of a Home Depot Employee demonstrating how well Behr Flat paint can be scrubbed. Here is what they don’t tell you.

There is no mention as to how the newspaper was treated prior to painting. We don’t know if this is glossy stock newspaper print ads or just plain thin newspaper. It looks like glossy color print ads which are thicker in weight. The white paint will not show how badly scrubbing affected the paint finish. Sherwin Williams did that little trick with Duration Home. We dont know what primer was used or how many coats of primer the newspaper has (that is the most important thing on this particular test). We dont know how many coats of Behr Premium Flat is on there either or what he used to write with.

If this was done on a dark green or red paint, I would be impressed. Besides, Behr Premium Flat is not flat anyways, neither is Duration Home Matte.

Nice ceiling white

October 6, 2007

Here is a nice ICI Dulux formula for white ceilings mixed in Ultra-Hide 1210. I use flats on ceilings whenever possible. This formula was matched to the ProForm Lite Blue drywall mud which is much whiter than USG Blue Topping mud. I will try to get some samples dried down next to other off-the-shelf whites for comparison.

ICI Dulux Velvet Sheen

August 31, 2007

Here is ICI’s Dulux Velvet Sheen. This product is sold as a flat but has a slight sheen. In comparison, this product is not as flat as the ICI Ultra Hide Flat and not as shiny as ICI 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell. This is a vinyl acrylic that goes on nice and practically spatterless. If it’s spattering, I can’t see it. Velvet Sheen cuts nice, rolls nice and covers great with minimal burnishing on darker colors.

As with most product, they recommend a primer but we do 2 coats over new drywall with no issues. Until someone proves to me the effectiveness of wall primers, I will not use them. And yes, you can pull wall primer away from tape joints too. If you want to ensure stick to tape joints, use a drywall clear sealer on new board. Do this if you plan on applying masking tape to the walls to get the best stick. Velvet Sheen is one of those few products that do what you need it to without issues. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something as close to flat as possible with the ability to clean it. BUT! if you ask me, I think the Glidden Evermore Super Washable Flat is better.

How to apply Velvet Sheen: This is not a flat paint, treat this paint as if you are rolling eggshells. I prefer a 1/2" or 3/8" soft woven Wooster Prodoo z cover.

See also: Rolling Eggshell

Wash this flat

August 30, 2007

Glidden Evermore Super Washable Flat – Here is a styrene acrylic product that dries flat, goes on with ease, covers incredibly well and you can wash it up, but wait! there’s more! It’s only $20 per gallon vs. some ridiculously priced styrene flats near $40. I really liked this product and it applied nicely. This product is not a thick heavy flat but rather on the thin side when rolling and applying with a brush.

Evermore™ super washable flat latex paint creates an armor-like barrier against common household stains providing the ultimate in stain protection. This highly washable flat finish offers excellent scuff, mar and burnish resistance allowing the surface to keep its original appearance after cleaning. Evermore super washable flat paint, the beauty of a flat finish with the washability of a gloss.

We applied an ICI color from the new color pallet called Candy Stripe. You can see the color on the rim of the can, HOT PINK, one coat coverage.

UPDATED K46 W 51 Epoxy

April 29, 2007

Observations from 2nd coat were added to the original post of Sherwin Williams K46 W 51 Waterbased semi-gloss Epoxy.