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Factory primer fails brickmold

October 23, 2007

Here is a very popular issue with new construction homes. The factory primer on brick molding and door jambs comes off regularly. There is no failsafe work around for this issue aside from stripping the lousy factory primer off.

Here are a few tips to help this troublesome problem along. Let’s face it; until enough builders complain about this issue, it won’t change. You can run a palm sander or orbital sander vigorously on all areas possible. These jambs are finger jointed and it is important to smooth up those joints and seal them better. Take some 150 grit sandpaper and knock off any sharp edges everywhere else. The paint will fail if you were to paint over these sharp edges.

Now, mix up some Zinsser Cover Stain at this formula. 32 oz. of Cover Stain to 12 oz. of NAPTHA and apply to the entire jamb. This diluted mixture will do three things 1) penetrate the finger-joints 2) soften factory primer and 3) penetrate factory primer to give some added bite. When dry, apply two heavy coats of your favorite acrylic finish.

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