JACK PAUHL is a paint contractor and systems management consultant writing under the pen name Jack Pauhl. Professionally Jack Pauhl is a systems management consultant in a non technology related field and uses his pen name to separate his consulting career and identity from his thoughts and opinions on new methods, product and time management systems.

Like other successful tradespeople, we have to get the job done quickly and properly to keep the business healthy. Additionally, Jack Pauhl is active in sharing industry related online videos on YouTube. Jack Pauhl’s digital connection covers all things having to do with the painting industry — including Product Reviews, writing wikiHow-To’s, Time Saving TIPS, and other topics regarding the paint industry.

If you have a new or existing product and would like it tested, please send me an email and put PRODUCT TESTING in the subject line and specify the requirements.

You are welcome to email me if you need additional help. If you are a painting contractor and would like assistance with being more efficient in the workplace by creating effective systems, you can reach me at… jackpauhl(at)gmail.com (You won’t find me in the yellow pages).

© 2007 JackPauhl. All rights reserved. The best painters in the world have yet to be noticed. Is that you?


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