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You can Google the name jackpauhl with (no spaces) for a more refined search of the topics on this blog and those I’ve posted on painters forums.

NOTE: If your Search results return 3 pages – go to the last page and click ‘repeat the search with the omitted results’ to get a full listing.

I’ve been posting for years so there are tons of results to go through.

You can type jackpauhl+radius 360 for example to read on that product or jackpauhl+whatever or try this link.

Below is the Topic List for 2007

October (37)

Dialing in HVLP
Weight Loss
Ext. SuperPaint Woes
Rolling Techniques
ICI Sanding Sealer
Cutting 8′ vs. 16′
Be faster cutting ceilings
Corrective Finishes
Wooster Polar Bear
Poor mans cover keeper
When touchups go bad
HVLP Transfer Efficiency
Factory primer fails brickmold
Full Sheen Ahead
Duration Home
Duration Exterior
About MDF Trim
Nail Putty Problems
Caulk. The act of caulking
Behr Premium Flat
Wooster ProClassic Plus
Putty & Fillers
Racking Trim
Racking 5 1/2" Baseboard
Painting Cedar Shakes
Cover Keeper
Clean-n-Dip Review
Pole Sander Mod
HVLP Maintenance
Freehand 2 Wall Colors
Split Spindle System
Penetrol – Other uses
Rolling Eggshell Paints
iPhone on the job
Nice ceiling white
How to treat drywall
About Wall Primers II

August (8)

Stainable Wood Fillers
Stain TIP large areas
Stop hitting the ceiling
ICI Dulux Velvet Sheen
Paint Industry Manufacturers
Wash this flat
Zibra grip-n-glide
Busy Summer

May (4)

Ext. SuperPaint after 2 yrs.
Recent Project S/L 259
Archive Posts
Patching nail holes

April (52)

ProForm Compound Issue
Loading a brush
UPDATED K46 W 51 Epoxy
Brush Handle Mod
Flaxen vs. Oregon
Not so Fabulous
Testing Brushes
Brushes Closeup UPDATED
Sherwin Williams K46 W 51
Roller Cover Care
Sandpaper Time Saver
2007 Worst Product Nominee
ICI 1410 on Green Board
Setup doors to spray
Baluster Spray Rack
Spraying Trim & Doors
Wall Primers UPDATED
Radius 360º
Synthetics with Oil
End cap trick
Zinsser Bulls Eye Odorless
Iridescent White Trim
Trimming Roller Covers
Rolling Duration Home
Light Stain on Poplar
Spraying Balusters Down
Recent Project S/L 17
Racking Baseboard
ICI Dulux 2007 Colors
Caulking Tips
Painting MDF
Stick to metal
Patches & wall textures
Painting Poplar
Wall Primers Tested
Not on this blog
Proven painting advice
Ask Jack!
Brushes Closeup
Where do you shop?
Pan vs. Bucket Rolling
Paint with a roller
Brush Hype!
Stain Masonite Doors
Renovating a house
Priming Bare Wood
Roller Covers Explained
Select Roller Covers
Select Paint Brushes
Key to a good paint job


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