It’s on! Purdy vs. Wooster

purdy vs wooster002a

They’re Purdy and Wooster; they must be good, right?

One look at these two brushes will shatter your conceptions about what you hate about painting.

Purdy CLEARCUT vs. WOOSTER PRO CLASSIC Easyflo. Put on your happy face, because if Purdy’s CLEARCUT and Wooster’s Easyflo doesn’t make you want to paint something, then… well… you’re either a hopeless painter or dead.

Review in the works and there will be a winner! Bring it!


OK. Had some time – but little time to throw together a tiny review on the results of these two brushes. Before I go and spew out the winner I have to say this was a tough decision. Both brushes have very similar characteristics and their own advantages on their differences but if I had to pack one brush to fly over to an island to do some panting I would take the Purdy Clearcut. Yep, I said it and never thought I would on a Purdy brush for acrylics.

I have to admit, Purdy did their homework on building this brush. I remember having words with Bruce about it and here it is readily available at any Sherwin Williams store, (I’m told).

The Wooster Brush is a bit more firm and while firmness has advantages, firmness can hold you back from doing amazing things with a brush. The Wooster Easy flo held more paint and has a wider footprint while cutting which is a huge advantage for keeping the brush straight cutting freehand.

With all the cutting I did with each brush, the Purdy Clearcut outperformed the Easy flo but not by much. I found the Easy flo to be a slight handicap in comparison but I’m talking from a progressive painting aspect. The average joe wouldn’t know the difference.


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