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We’re acknowledged trade snobs, so we readily admit it takes something special to make us take a step back and say “Wow”. We’ll also admit that Benjamin Moore’s 65125 nylon brush made us do just that. Just when we thought we’d seen all there is to see from brushes, along comes this hidden treasure which by the way we kept to ourselves for years. We can’t remember the last time we heard someone say, “What the world needs now is a good paint brush,” but we’re glad this apparent lack of demand didn’t stop Benjamin Moore from designing the best paint brush we ever tested.

In pimp-speak, the 65125 spanks all other brushes we’ve tried (all of Wooster’s, Purdy’s, Sherwin Williams, Bestt Liebco and really countless others). Benjamin Moore’s 65125 Nylon brush is so-sweet because of its unique blend of filaments to spread all paints and its ability to keep form in humid conditions. This brush feels firm and balanced in the hand yet spreads coatings soft and smooth with brushless finishes. The brush stays together giving us a sharp precision edge to cut with. Cutting in wood cased edges to the wall has never been easier. We never once experienced the brush folding up or flip flopping off an edge. The brush performs well even on the skinniest of edges. The 65125 is so finely tuned that we can cut the ¼” side fillet edges of double hung windows quickly and flawlessly.


We’re not sure what your current brush is capable of but the 65125 can accurately do 7’ of wall to trim in under 8 seconds flat and 14’ of wall to ceiling in under 60 secs. We had our cameras rolling because we could not believe our eyes. No matter when we zoomed in or snapped random footage, the 65125 was always in sharp form. The 65125 never let us down.

What we liked the most about this brush is its ability to save time and I mean really save time AND gain quality. Achieving a balance of high-end finishes at production rates is purely a science and this brush is part of that mathematical equation.

If you consider yourself a professional paint contractor and are content with your so called store bought pro brush then you have no need to find Guido in the ally selling these from under his coat. But, it you want to launch yourself into the next generation of proism then I suggest finding Guido in the back ally and get yourself one. See for yourself in this video.


Model: Benjamin Moore Nylon Brush 65125 (code named Champ)

Model tested (MSRP): $13.95

Standard Equipment: Solid contoured hardwood handle, stainless steel ferrule, angled sash, unique nylon & polyester blend for stiffness retention.

Street Price: $10 bucks plus a forty (brown bagged of course)

Usefulness: All paints, proven performer with acrylics, heavy oils and it’ll lay down varnish and sealer like nobodies business.

Grade: For professional use only. Stop pretending you are and get one!

Layout: Flat or angular sash. We still don’t know why flat brushes exist. It’s angular everything for us.

Size: 2 ½”

Length out: 2 15/16”

Thickness: 5/8”

Stiffness: Firm but soft, not flimsy or limp.

Colors avail: Champagne

Dry weight: 4.2 oz.

Load capacity: 2.1 oz.

Loaded weight: 6.3 oz. can you say volume? One dip, one long 7’ stroke of genius

Speed: 0 -7’: 7.8 secs waterborne / 18.9 secs solvent base

Error Correction: none as tested, consistent accuracy and wet edge, won’t fold up under pressure.

STN clearance: Substrate-to-nose: 12”, sawed off version not yet available but easily achieved with hack saw

Trace Evidence: brushless capable

Accuracy: Sharp 90º +/-25 filaments

WOC: Width of cut – 3 ½” to a narrow ¼’ wide (tipd)

Warranty: If you cannot achieve a brushless finish with this brush then you might want to reconsider what you’re spreading.

Lengths cut: casing 540’, baseboard, 798’, ceiling 798’

Total length cut: 2,136’

Verdict: PROS: The accuracy and balance of this brush is purely unique. We don’t know who the guy was that pushed for perfection on this brush but we are sure glad he did.

CONS: Hard to find Guido.

We’ve been using these brushes for years day in and day out. If you clean, comb and keep these brushes you too will get years of use out of them. We had the opportunity to play Guido and have other paint contractors use this brush and the overall response was an overwhelming, “damn, that’s a nice brush”. Amen my fellow bruthas.

Our Top Pick for Latex Brushes is Benjamin Moore’s Nylon 65125”. – March, 2004

This review as well as all or our reviews are provided for you to review the comments and experiences by an independent paint contractor to assist you in what to expect with new or existing products.


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