BEHR Premium Plus ULTRA

behr It seems as though an eternity has passed since we last reviewed an exterior paint product. In fact, its been over a year. Premium Plus ULTRA by BEHR shows some promising initial results. We cant wait to see the full results next year.

Because the product is fairly new I cant give you anything on durability or fading just yet. I can tell you this paint is thick, so thick that when I turned the can upside down with the lid open, nothing came out. No joke! Perhaps the thickest paint on the market. The first test was spread ‘as is’ on white pre-primed exterior door jambs, pre-primed exterior grade MDF, and white fiberglass entry doors all with plenty of hassle but there was no issue with coverage whatsoever.

Come on, seriously am I suppose to spread this paint with a knife or a brush? I wonder. The color that was used is the fence color you see in the photo and it covered white no problem as expected but I am all about speed and getting the job done. There is only one way to make this paint move and that’s thinning it. I began by adding a bit of water but didn’t faze it, still too thick. For a gallon, it took just shy of 1 qt. of water to make this paint the consistency of most exterior paints on the market.

I proceeded by painting all the same items I listed above with the new thinned down product and I was still able to cover in one coat but move much faster with it. Next year I will update this post with more results but for now… I liked the coverage. So lets see if the thinned down paint performs any less on our test pieces.


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