Wooster Pro Classic Easyflo

To call Pro Classic Easyflo amazing is an understatement!

easyfloIt’s not so much what you spread – but what you use to spread it. If you are looking for a better way to lay down your favorite sauce, then Christmas has come early. In my opinion, the Benjamin Moore 65125 still rules as far as brushes go – it simply kicks ass for acrylics but if you are looking for a more readily available brush in some markets then the Wooster PRO CLASSIC Easyflo found at Lowes is a nice contender. The Wooster Pro Classic Plus appears to be replaced with the Easyflo.
easyflo3I should note: The brush cover states ‘All paints & stains’, don’t think you are going to get this brush to do what a Purdy White China or a Wooster Flaxen brush will do when spreading penetrating stains such as Minwax but if you need to spread solid stains then this brush will do a nice job and will carry a nice load.
easyflo4To put this brush into a category of similar brushes, you might want to look at the Benjamin Moore 65125 or the Purdy Clearcut for very similar precision characteristics and handling. One area where the Pro Classic Easyflo outperforms the Benjamin Moore 65125 is in ‘bend recovery’. The 65125 is a bit on the limp side in comparison.

More on brushes here and here. Click photos for larger view.


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