Be faster cutting ceilings

Werner TW372-30 Ladder

There is not another more time consuming task for me besides cutting ceiling lines and we do it twice.

This small investment will shave countless hours off your day-to-day grind and you’ll do it with a smile and like it.

The wide step ladder when placed in the corner of a room allows me to reach 7′ each way. I can comfortably cut 8′ or 9′ ceilings at the rate of 11-14 fpm, that’s damn quick! and a lot less up and down a ladder. Basically, when I hop up on this step ladder, I cut 7′ one direction and 7′ the other, about 14′ in one minute. On a small room, I move this step 4 times, about 4 mins or so to cut a small room.

Be sure to check out Werner ladder for other sizes. I keep a 2 and 3 step in the truck. The 2ft works great on 8’ ceilings.


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