Wooster Polar Bear

Wooster Polar Bear #R236

I hear mixed reactions to Wooster’s Polar Bear covers. The white plush fabric has decent paint pick up and release. This cover may be best used on non-smooth walls but the Polar Bear leaves a unique finish on smooth drywall especially when spreading eggshell paints. There is a disadvantage to this cover and that is, touching up a smooth wall that was rolled with the Polar Bear may not blend well. It is difficult to replicate the initial finish.

There is a bit of a learning curve to using the Polar Bear. It is best to apply paint as you would and work an area wet. When your cover runs dry, slightly roll the cover down the wall with little pressure to fluff the cover up. Once the cover is fluffed up, go back to the starting point and run the cover very lightly and swiftly down the wall to finish it off. If the cover goes limp or flat, you’re not doing it right. It’s likely you may be pressing too hard or ran the cover too dry.

Added time to the job may be required to work the finish to a nice faint stipple.


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