HVLP Transfer Efficiency

There is no argument that an HVLP [High Volume Low Pressure] Sprayer pulls its own weight. I recall the first day, first job I used my first HVLP unit. I had a stained trim house all prepared on the drying racks and all I had to do was shoot some sanding sealer on the trim. I suppose two guys brushing the trim for an hour and a half isn’t bad but the HVLP did the whole trim package in under 30 mins., nice. Needless to say, the HVLP paid for itself time and time again.

Besides its time saving abilities, the HVLP when dialed in properly will save on materials too. Take notice in the photo of the spindles above, that is the extent of the overspray. I shot 2 coats of Zinsser Odorless Oil primer on those bare poplar spindles before carpet and shot the oil finish after carpet. The photo shows the accuracy and transfer efficiency is incredible.

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One Response to “HVLP Transfer Efficiency”

  1. Xiz Says:

    What a great post about a great piece of equipment! I recently bought an HVLP spraygun and started tinkering with it in a bathroom I was painting for a client. There were almost no instructions with the unit, so I had to do some internet reading and play with it.

    I painted an entire bathroom (10×8) with just over a quart of paint! I had so little overspray, that you might as well say I had none. I cut around the medicine cabinet, the sink, the toilet, the shower, and some tile board without a bit of problem.

    You can dial that spray pattern down to the size of a dime on my cheap Kobalt (Lowe’s) unit! I use my air compressor, dialed down to 30psi. I just read over the weekend that I should use 10-15psi. I’m going to try that this week.

    Keep ’em coming about this great new gadget!

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