Duration Home

What is this, a circus act?

Outrageous claims are common place in the paint industry. Lifetime Guarantee, Excellent Brushability, One Coat Coverage, Blocks Tannin Bleed… ring a bell? The products shout “step right up” you fools we’ve got the next best thing! Some manufacturers put anything on a label to get you to buy their product but do the products deliver?

Let’s take a closer look at Duration Home from Sherwin Williams.

This review is older and products do change from time-to-time. Most of us have seen the large Duration Home display in the store or perhaps heard about Duration Home on the radio or saw it on TV.

In the store you’ll find a sample board with the left side coated with Duration Home and the right side with an unknown flat wall paint. One important factor to point out is the sample board is a piece of Masonite which is hard on the surface and when primed properly, very non absorbent. The second thing to point out is the water based markers they allow you to draw with and wipe off the samples. The third item to point out is the type of sponge sitting on the display they want you to use to wipe the marker off with a light spray of water, also provided in the display. The sponge is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The forth and most important is the color of the sample board, it’s none other than white the same color as the sponge nonetheless.

Well while many people are fooled by this little gimmick, we were not. It did however remind of us the vacuum cleaner commercial where they suck up a bowling ball using a toilet plunger mounted to the end of the vac hose. Duration Home is a lot like that commercial. We can’t argue at all that Duration Home is a nice product.

We are assuming you tried wiping the marker off the display board and maybe you were impressed but did you know, you can take that same marker applied to almost any flat white paint (except) the flat wall paint they put on that sample board, and wipe the mark clean.

We suspect they used white as the sample board color (as did Behr) and a white sponge because they don’t want you to see the paint it’s removing. Try this little test next time you spread a color in Duration other than white, take a marker and make a mark on the paint then take a damp Magic Eraser sponge and wipe it off, now take a look at your sponge, same color as the wall we suspect. Be sure you give the paint time to cure, we gave ours 60 days.

We went crazy with a black permanent Sharpie making marks on the walls all through our house. We are painters, I don’t think any two rooms have the same product on them. We were able to remove all our marks with the Magic Eraser and surprisingly we found the builder grade eggshell paint we used on our kitchen walls wiped off the easiest. Sure its eggshell paint and should clean nicer then a flat paint but that was cheap $11 paint and one of the lowest sheen levels we’ve seen in an eggshell even less of a sheen than Duration Home Satin. Get my point here?

Now don’t get me wrong we like Duration Home but we like it because it applies nice, saves us time and resists burnishing on the matte finish. No flat wall paint we know of resists smearing your finger across it but Duration Home. ICI’s Dulux Velvet Sheen is almost the same sheen as Duration Home Matte and will not burnish either for half the price. If you ever had a chance to spread ceramics, you will find Duration Home applies much the same. Duration Home is a styrene acrylic and does have a nice feel to it when dry. Just be cautious how you sell Duration Home to your customers. The miracle here is the sponge. Some guys sell this stuff off like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, we just think its pretty decent and we are excited to spread it any chance we get.

Now if Sherwin Williams would work on quality control they will have a nice product to boast about. We spread 25 gallons the other day in matte finish and our paint was very inconsistent. We had 2 colors some mixed in 5’s the rest singles. Some of our singles were full to the rim, others were below the pour spout. One color when boxed was thick to spread, the other was thin and smooth like a ceramic. Needless to say, the full singles did not mix well on the shaker so we had tint issues too. It’s a great product if they could only get their QC together but is it worth the price? No!

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One Response to “Duration Home”

  1. patt34 Says:

    All the sherwin Williams stores up here in the twin cities only have paper towels to wipe off duration home with a bottle of water. I don’t know where you are that they have a magic erase. The difference with duration home is you are suppose to be able to clean off with just water and rag as opposed to scrubbing. I have had lots of success with duration home and haven’t had problems from gallon to gallon or five to five. I am interested in where you are that you are having this problem. Could be just the store itself that you are using that gives you motive to put down sherwin williams.

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