Behr Premium Flat

This is a video of a Home Depot Employee demonstrating how well Behr Flat paint can be scrubbed. Here is what they don’t tell you.

There is no mention as to how the newspaper was treated prior to painting. We don’t know if this is glossy stock newspaper print ads or just plain thin newspaper. It looks like glossy color print ads which are thicker in weight. The white paint will not show how badly scrubbing affected the paint finish. Sherwin Williams did that little trick with Duration Home. We dont know what primer was used or how many coats of primer the newspaper has (that is the most important thing on this particular test). We dont know how many coats of Behr Premium Flat is on there either or what he used to write with.

If this was done on a dark green or red paint, I would be impressed. Besides, Behr Premium Flat is not flat anyways, neither is Duration Home Matte.


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