Pole Sander Mod

Here is a great Mod for your pole sander. Until you pole sand a dark paint color – chances are you probably never knew how poor these pole sanders perform.

I have three pole sanders like this one all from different companies and they all have the same problem. The sandpaper does not make full contact with the wall. Instead, the outer edges are typically the only area that touches the wall. If you were to apply more pressure towards the wall you will then get a heavy sanding spot only in the center where the pole attaches to the sander.

I used a piece of foam 1/4" thick from JoAnn Fabrics store cut precisely the same size as the pad on the sander then I mount my sheet of paper. You will be amazed how well this works and how much easier and less effort it is to sand out a house. Very little pressure is required. Here is another pole sander option from the guys at Full Circle International.

Click to view larger image. Notice the full width of the modified pole sander makes excellent contact with the wall. I made one single pass with and without the mod using light pressure.


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