iPhone on the job

wr The iPhone has proven to be beneficial in the workplace. While listening to my music is always a nice treat, the iPhone helps keep track of my day to day workflow. I keep up with emails, I can browse the painter message boards at lunch keep track and make changes to the website etc.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the photo album and camera. I can snap a shot on the job and email it to the customer real-time. That feature works great when and if you had a question and need an immediate response without the homeowner having to come out to the job or leave work.

The Visual Voice Mail feature is also nice. Up until this iPhone I have managed to operate business without voicemail. I simply answer the phone. But, the iPhone allows me to select which voice mail I would like to listen to. I can rewind or fast forward at the flick of my finger.

The Notes option allows me to make quick notes on what paints I need from the paint store. I can even email the list quickly to the paint store.

The Calendar feature syncs with my Outlook 2007 Calendar in Vista. I can schedule on the job and sync it when I get back to the office. Even some of the little things are nice to have like the Weather Feature. Oh, and how can I forget, the Stopwatch so I can keep time on projects at work, it will even do laps.

wr-1 Having full internet on the go also allows me to keep up with this blog and answer back to my readers.


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