ICI Dulux Velvet Sheen

Here is ICI’s Dulux Velvet Sheen. This product is sold as a flat but has a slight sheen. In comparison, this product is not as flat as the ICI Ultra Hide Flat and not as shiny as ICI 1410 Low Sheen Eggshell. This is a vinyl acrylic that goes on nice and practically spatterless. If it’s spattering, I can’t see it. Velvet Sheen cuts nice, rolls nice and covers great with minimal burnishing on darker colors.

As with most product, they recommend a primer but we do 2 coats over new drywall with no issues. Until someone proves to me the effectiveness of wall primers, I will not use them. And yes, you can pull wall primer away from tape joints too. If you want to ensure stick to tape joints, use a drywall clear sealer on new board. Do this if you plan on applying masking tape to the walls to get the best stick. Velvet Sheen is one of those few products that do what you need it to without issues. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something as close to flat as possible with the ability to clean it. BUT! if you ask me, I think the Glidden Evermore Super Washable Flat is better.

How to apply Velvet Sheen: This is not a flat paint, treat this paint as if you are rolling eggshells. I prefer a 1/2" or 3/8" soft woven Wooster Prodoo z cover.

See also: Rolling Eggshell


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