Busy Summer

It’s been some time since I posted last and hope to catch up soon. There are a few brushes I plan to post reviews on. ICI Dulux has a new Xpert line which does not look very promising at all. Purdy made over the Pro Extra calling it the Monarch – not much to say about that. But, I have some good and bad news on brushes.

First the bad news. I retired my Benjamin Moore brushes, (yep) both of them. The 65125 did make my job easier and my work flow substantially more efficient for many years.

The good news is I found an incredible replacement brush which takes precision and efficiency to levels never thought possible, no joke! A brush that sets the bar so high it makes the 65125 look like a DIY brush.


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One Response to “Busy Summer”

  1. ozziemat Says:

    I have been looking to buy one of the 65125 BM brushes but cant seem to find where to buy them.. i am from Australia you see so its a little difficult.. I use Purdy brushes myself but was interested in trying one of the BM’s. Any suggestions? ALso.. what is this fantabulous replacement brush you talk about?? Mat

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