Ext. SuperPaint after 2 yrs.

It was 2 years ago today that we painted the vinyl siding on this house. How did Sherwin Williams SuperPaint hold up? Poorly in terms of fading. The siding shown in the photo only gets morning sun. What am I supposed to tell a homeowner who calls me and tells me her house is turning a peachy orange color when it’s supposed to be a grey putty clay color?

We applied a 18" swatch of paint left over from the project to see how much the paint faded in 2 years as seen in the last photo. The front of the house where it gets the most sun was the worst.

It is important to have in writing when a homeowner wants to use paint, in this case Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, that you prefer not to use based on your own experience with a particular product. This is why product testing is crucial.

About the manual formula. We slid a lap over and used a utility knife to cut away a 1" by 2" piece of siding and shot the smooth backside of the siding to achieve the original color of the house 18 years ago. I don’t suppose Sherwin Williams tests products like this or this paint would not be called SuperPaint because there is nothing super about your house turning a different color in less than 2 years. Let me guess, bad batch of paint. Right! get tired of hearing that.


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