Flaxen vs. Oregon

The Purdy White China Extra Oregon is a popular brush for stain, sealers, varnish and oil-based paints and primers. In my line of work the Oregon is used mainly for staining, sealing, and varnishing. I made the switch to synthetics for spreading oil-based paints and primers for less brush marks. There is no doubt the Extra Oregon is a true performer. There are some things in life best just left alone and this is one of those things. The length out is 2 and 7/8” and 5/8” thick.
The Wooster Flaxen was recently demo’d to me and I must say it’s a very close competitor to the Oregon. The Flaxen is made up of 80% brown china and 20% ox. Its length out is 2 and 11/16 inches and 5/8” thick. I was always impressed with the Purdy OX-O Angular brush with its unique blend of ox and china. I could not get used to its short length of 2 and 3/8”. The Flaxen does however feel bulkier than the Oregon and a little bit heavy in the heal. Also, the Oregon feels lighter and slightly softer.

The Flaxen weighs 4.1 oz. and the Oregon weighs 3.8 oz. I think Wooster could take a pinch of bristle out of the Flaxen and all would be fine. Click photos to enlarge.



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