Brushes Closeup UPDATED

Three brushes were added to Brushes Closeup for comparison purposes.

Purdy Pro-Extra Glide
Purdy Nylox-Glide
Purdy XL-Glide

Pro-Extra Glide shown in photo. The length out measures 3 and 3/16" in. and 5/8" thick and weighs 3.8 oz. The length is bit too long. The flagging feels excessive and coarse. You will need a paint that self-levels because the flagging wont help you much for fine finish work. I wonder what this brush would be like shortened up, no flagging, chiseled tips and swap out that awful Chinex for some more poly. This brush in my opinion is springy and flings or spits paint with almost each stroke.

I attached some 180 grit sandpaper to the drill press in an attempt to remove the flagging. If I were to do it again I would use 150 grit because it took awhile. Alternating the brush back and forth I managed to remove almost all of the flagging. I noticed the blunt end of the brush was cut almost perfectly flat. My experience with the blades on ice hockey skates tells me that a hollowed cut might perform better. I have not yet seen this type of cut on a brush. Most brushes are either flat or slightly beveled. See more photos here. I did not have any 400 on hand but before I put this brush to further testing I am going to finish it off with some 400 grit paper on the press to see if I can achieve a mirco fine tip. This brush is useless to me as it is.
I wrote Purdy in the past about the flagging on this brush but apparently they didn’t see it as an issue. What the hell do I know, I’m just a painter. I never really grasped the idea of flagging except for on those cheap throw away fat non-tapered filament brushes. To me, flagging is like taking a fine tapered filament and then busting the end of it up like the end of a piece of straw, then its not so fine anymore.
Update: I finished the brush off with 400 grit paper to polish way the abrasiveness of the 180 grit paper. By removing the flagging on this brush, I managed to improve the effectiveness and sharpness of this brush drastically. There was such a huge difference – it performed nothing like it did off-the-shelf. Purdy would be wise to look into it. I spread approx. one quart to make sure I felt comfortable reporting my results but I noticed the difference the moment I placed the brush on the wall. It did not perform as nice as the Benjamin Moore 65125 brush, which I feel is the best damn brush spawn from polymers, but it resembled some if its characteristics in the finish.


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