Sandpaper Time Saver

Here are the types of sandpaper I found over the years to save me time on the job. The Glit #150 extra fine works great for sanding sealer, between coats of acrylics, sanding spindles, drywall patches etc. The Glit #100 works great for sanding oil-based primer on poplar.

UPDATE: The Glit pads are now 3M Pro-Pad’s

Hermes J-Flex cloth back is an excellent paper for sanding bare wood prior to priming or staining, you’ll find other uses for it once you have some. J-Flex is a little on the pricey side but worth it to save time. J-Flex is sold in rolls. Hermes Abrasives
For the orbital sander I prefer Norton’s Gold P-150 for sanding dried latex paints on rework jobs, also works well on bare wood. Easily removes cured sags and runs.

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