2007 Worst Product Nominee

Don’t toss out those rusty metal pans just yet. Wooster Brush came out with the R410 polypropylene 3 quart pan and I finally had the opportunity to try it out today. While I was excited to toss out my metal pans for a six pack of new polypans, my excitement was short lived, the R410 is downright lame.

First off let me say there is a need for a deep-well polypan, no doubt. I want a set to replace my metal pans. Currently I use the R404 with my Jumbo-Koters and love it, excellent combo. But, this R410 is crazy bad. The ramp is designed similar to the R404 but the problem is the ridiculous steep drop-off. Click the photo to see it up close. I had trouble loading the cover, it took forever to get one nice load. I am used to the gradual ramp on the R405. So my question is this, if the R405 is perhaps one of the hottest pans out there, why not just copy it in poly? Is that too hard?

Rolling out of the R410 reminded me of rolling out of a 5 gallon bucket with one extra feature, a ramp but the concept doesn’t work. Don’t believe me? Go try one. I wasted so much time today dickin’ around with this pan.

Keep an eye on this blog, I just might take a torch to it to see if it can be tweaked to work like the R405 that I am so fond of, the pan that saves me tons of time on the job, the pan that allows me to roll crazy fast.

Paint contractors know the importance of time and we target all aspects of the job to save a little, it all adds up. This video shows one of those examples of saving time. This is how you load a roller and it better not take more than 3 secs. Don’t blink!


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