Setup doors to spray

If you are considering spraying doors with either an HVLP or airless, here is simple setup, probably one of the more common methods used. There are a number of door stacking systems available for our line of work.

Here are a few things to know before you stand them up.

1) Shop-vac the floors and put heavy construction paper down, not plastic or do like some do and shoot them on the concrete or subflooring.
2) Group doors together to prime edges with a short nap roller the day before you plan on spraying the doors. Sand and prepare for paint.
3) Use a 1” nail and door shims to tack doors together.
4) Nail approximately 3-4” in from the edge for better stability
5) Let everybody around you know to stay back while spraying. Post a sign. I almost sprayed a homeowner who slipped in the house without my knowing.
6) Allow overnight to dry before removing from paper. The doors should remove cleanly as long as you don’t puddle paint between the bottom edge of the door and the paper.
7) A 4′ whip hose comes in handy for better flexibility.

In new construction, many of the doors are MDF and require all six surfaces be painted or warranty is VOID. The MDF doors tend to warp much easier than solid wood doors. It’s a PITA but save yourself the headache of callbacks and prime the tops and bottoms.

About the Photo

The green walls and doors photo is fairly hi-res. Two things worth mentioning, the coarse edges on the doors from the factory will not get smooth with multiple coats of paint. It’s best to treat the edges with an oil-primer covering any bare MDF and sand it well for finish. Simply applying acrylic to the edges will only raise the MDF fibers and make them sharp enough for someone to cut their hands or fingers. Also, the reflective green paint is one coat of ICI Dulux 1410 over bare drywall.


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