Trimming Roller Covers

Every week I try to post the answers to some of the questions readers write in about.

Question: I recently watched a painting video demonstrating cutting around the edges of a roller cover with scissors. Can you explain why this is done? (referring to TheSHCS video on YouTube).

Answer: Trimming roller covers is generally done for two reasons, well three.

1) by reusing covers, dried paint tends to accumulate around the edges. Roller marks may occur when rolling with dried paint on the cover.

2) Many roller covers on the market simply are not beveled nicely and a slight trimming is all it takes to put a better edge on the cover which ultimately will help reduce roller marks.

3) Professional painters will trim the cover at a certain bevel so they can eliminate the need to cut corners with a brush. The trimming helps reduce paint build up on the end caps of the roller frame as well so that when you roll tight into a corner there is no dried paint to leave on the wall when the end cap runs snug in the corner.

The Wooster Brush company sells non-beveled covers if you prefer to cut your own bevel, other than that I have no clue why non-beveled covers exist.


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