Patches & wall textures

Here is a little tip to get drywall patches to match the surface texture of the area around the smooth patch.

Obviously matching textures on fresh smooth drywall is generally not an issue. This tip is handy in the repaint market when contractors are faced with making walls repairs on various wall textures.

We prepare and make our patch to the point it’s repaired and sanded smooth. At this point the patch does not match the textured surface around the patch.

Start by mixing 2 parts paint with 1 part topping mix and apply the mixture with a brush to the new patch area. Now select the wall texture you want to duplicate and roll the area firmly around the patch with the gel impression roller. The gel surface of the impression roller will make an impression of the wall texture. You will have approximately 1 minute before the imprint goes away. Pressure is required to make the imprint but use very light pressure when transfering to the patch or as desired to blend.

Allow to dry when you are satisfied with the results and paint as usual.

You can find the materials to make an impression roller at your local arts and crafts store and your kitchen drawer.


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