Brushes Closeup

If you plan on taping-off before you paint then you can use any brush on the market and the following information is meaningless. The following example is for those of us who cut-in freehand without masking tape.

Let’s take a close up look at two synthetic brushes; both are made of a nylon/polyester blend. The first photo below is of a Sherwin Williams (SW) brush, the second is a Benjamin Moore (BM) brush.

Let me briefly explain filaments or (bristles) most of us call them. Filaments come is various lengths and thicknesses, and can be tapered similar to a toothpick. Some brushes have all one length and others like the BM brush have several different filament lengths. The ends (white tips) are “tipped” and “flagged” to give the paint a final feather-like
soft stroke finish.

Notice the following: Click each photo below to view a larger image.
The bulkiness of the SW in comparison to the BM.
The poor tipping and flagging on the SW brush vs. BM brush.
The super sharpness of the BM vs. SW
The BM brush appears to have needle-like filaments vs. SW
The SW brush looks like a caterpillar on the end of
I’m not positive but I do not think the BM is flagged at all.

A quality brush will have good abrasion resistance, the thicker the filament, the faster it will wear. Also important is bend recovery, the ability for a brush to return back to its normal state.
Now you know what to look for in a brush and at the moment, the BM brush shown is the sharpest brush on the market known to me.

Click photo to view Benjamin Moore’s various filament
The following photos are:
Benjamin Moore 65125
Purdy Nylox-Glide
Purdy Pro-Extra Glide
Purdy XL-Glide


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